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Facebook, How to Cancel a Friend Request simple steps

Many using Facebook might have come up with hunt “How to Cancel a Friend Request” you send a friend request and want to cancel it later, unfortunately Facebook have no feature.

Follow this simple tweaks:

There are 3 ways down here How to Cancel a Friend Request In Facebook

1.Log on to your Facebook account on top right corner go to Account (pop downs) Privacy setting then you get page like this..,

at bottom Enter into
Block List then you go to a page Enter the name whom you want to Block and hit Block button.
If you have many of same name Facebook shows you a list and choose the one and block.
now he/she is blocked and will not see friend request..,

then, unblock the recipient. (They will not see the request anymore) because your just only stopping  the request with him..,

2.In Account tab go to Edit Friends - friend listsclick X icon - Approve cancel request

.In Account go to Edit friendsclick  Recent – change options All Friends – watch for pending request under each name - Click X icon to cancel request

Its all before Facebook can send them an email notifications to them you have to do all this as after they may see your friend request.

By using any of one way stated above you can easily Cancel a Friend Request in Facebook..,

Access Video "How to Cancel Friends Request in Facebook" Simple Steps

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