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China SuperComputer "Tianhe-1A" World's fastest computer

China is always keen in Skyrocketing its technology in all the aspects well in advance, especially in Electronics despite the needs for proceeding as such among it rivals when resources is concerned. How much huge the investment requires..?

China is investing in supercomputers to improve research and to undertake the complicated and long calculations needed for:

  • Climate modeling

  • Genetic research

  • Seismic imaging &

  • Defense
And now, Chinese research centre has come out with world's fastest supercomputer machined with almost 1/2 times the computing power of its nearest rival, the earlier one - Jaguar, the fastest supercomputer
until now.

The supercomputer gives China a lead over United States's fastest machine - The Jaguar, The supercomputer which is housed at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee sits at the National University of Defense Technology in Tianjin.


  • powered by the chips achieved 2.507 petaflops (more than 2 quadrillion calculations per/sec)

  • system is unique hybrid design that uses approximately 7,000 Nvidia graphics chips along with 14,000 Intel Xeon CPUs

  • graphics chips are what give the system the extra oomph to catapult it into the top supercomputer spot

  • has the power of 175,000 high-end laptops

Leads the U.S.-based system which currently ranked, No.1 in Top500 list of the fastest supercomputers in the world. The fastest supercomputer was the Jaguar, clocked 1.75 petaflops in testing, is built by Cray, and installed at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Tennessee.
- according to the statements of Nvidia, technology company supplier for the Chinese computer.

Jack Dongarra, university distinguished professor at University of Tennessee's Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, who compiles the official ranking of the world's top 500 supercomputers, said the next six-monthly list would likely see the Chinese machine at the top.

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