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Apple updated iOS 4.2 version iPad contest Google Android platform

Will Apple buys Sony?
Which company it will buy?

All such are not yet cleared to open, news about Apple rolls that Apple is planning to host a secret event for iOS developers in California coming week, the events will be for three days says news.

Though no enough details and publicized news about the event but perhaps all about updated version of iPhone Teck Talks, that Apple hosted last year.
The estimation its seems is an effort to
improve the quality of iOS apps available in Apple's App Store competing Google's Android platform, what makes all to go with it, as Apple is in progress to release a major update to iOS, version 4.2, next month, connecting both the iPhone and iPad under the same software, version for the first time, and will be the first big update to the iPad.

As plan of Apple's company purchase it is also not known what all are the additional events planned for the iOS 4.2 launch.

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