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How to use multiple Yahoo Messenger altogether one window

Normally you login through only one id’s account in “Yahoo Messenger” in one window of the Pc even though you have accounts in different user names and passwords perhaps for different purpose either one for profession, one for personal use and other for anything than that you prefer.
 You can able to login in only one Yahoo messenger but will you believe you can also open more Yahoo messenger and communicate through different accounts simultaneously altogether without any installations of special software but with few steps which is enough to continue your communication with different accounts at same time under one windows of the pc.

Follow the path of the Pc:
•    START /RUN/ Type-  regedit and ENTER.
•    In the Registry Editor follow the path HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/Yahoo/Pager/Test
•    Now in the right pane right click New->DOWRD Value. Name it as ‘Plural’.
•    Now Double click the Plural DWORD you created & set the value to 1

Its ready, you can login Yahoo Messenger through different id’s..,

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