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How to restore deleted posts and pages in Word press

Recover permalink..,
Things commonly happens at times we swing our head to find what we had done, perhaps posts deleted or overwritten unknowingly, missing the post or pages finally which is very, very important, worked hard spending time.., it not only delay our work makes something unfit but also hold us back from following the next coming posts or pages.

Something happened similarly when I was working in back end. What happened is? The post was not published in the blog that I submitted in Word Press, after spending some time analyzing how it resulted?
With help of my colleague I followed the path, came to know that previous post was deleted.., how..?

For instance..,
You have 2 posts or pages with name “HOME” and “ABOUT US” each 2 is different but by unknowingly the name of post is replaced, now 2 different posts stored in single name “ABOUT US”, and so you are deleting one post out of two, actually you deleted an another post unknowingly resulting miss one..,

figure showing 2 about pages, note down (left) the path

Now how to restore the deleted post or page recovering apt permalink?

You are beneficial with “Trash” feature in word press 2.9,  Trash functions. It helps to restore deleted posts or pages in Word Press recovering back to your site. In Word Press admin you just enter into pages and you will have reach to

figure showing 2 about pages, note down (left) the path (one more page) about-2

On roller mouse over Post or Page title or name
Click Trash, you enter into this

now you can see Restore and Delete permanently options..,

On roller mouse over Post or Page title or name
Click Restore.

And now you restored the deleted post and page..,

Avoid things happening alike this, there’s nothing wrong in checking twice then once before deleting any file or page or post. So instead spending time in all these steps you can use this time for posting another one.

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