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How to remove Adware spyware make hard disk free

We discussed about how to avoid the slowness and boosting the computer fast in previous post and in this post let we continue about further steps if you not gained sufficient performance of the Pc yet.
Just rule out the temp files and few more files to clean up the hard disk of the Pc and then try with Accessories system tools either Disk
Cleanup Utility or Disk Defragmentation utility or this both altogether to clean up and organize the hard drive by following the path - Start Menu > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools

For the purpose:
Disk Cleanup Utility:
Free up space on hard drive
Searches the drive and shows temporary files, Internet cache files, and unnecessary program files which is to deleted   this utility deletes many unnecessary and temporary files, frees up space on the hard drive
Results to run computer faster.

Disk Defragmentation Utility:
Reduce the amount of fragmentation on the hard disk
Physically organizing disk content to store the pieces of each file close together and contiguously
Finally create larger regions of free space using compaction
Results to find information on the hard drive faster.

Now can you see improvement in your system if not then your next step is Adware and Spyware Removal
Adware and Spyware slow down your computer by taking up space as well as invade your privacy (also can steal your passwords or even delete your hard drive files). A “classic issue” brought about by adware or spyware attack is that your usual browser page gets changed to an unfamiliar page or website.
And so Adware and Spyware removal is needed.

Adware and spyware attacks:
Constant pop-up of ads
Unwanted advertisements line up
All this happens even with anti virus protection as antivirus software do not protect against these types of malware.

It is worth shopping for better virus protection, that  include adware and spyware removal as old antivirus protection software do not give the computer enough protection from viruses.

If still the problem persists, there may be a further problem in operating system's registry which is similar to a computer's library card catalog that directs computer where to locate files and programs, and what files should be opened when applications and other programs start. Fix Computer registry.

Consider running a memory check and upgrading your RAM for improvement in performance.

So take care and keep your computer safe away from the malicious perhaps found here and there around the net while you are surfing it.

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