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Fast up Broadband Tweaks

Though slow broadband, tests your patience in continuing your post work but still there is no need to jump and buy a new broadband package because the following steps will speed up your work by making broadband fast.

Tuning Router for routing you fast
You can find much in the manual you got with the router but there’ll be settings you can tune to get the most out of your router as there’s more to getting the most out of a wireless router than just having the right one configured the right way.
The placement of the router is also a prominent feature; more objects between router and computer may turns obstacles in signaling leading week signal to the computer. Wooden items like doors, walls and furniture can all reduce the signal strength that reaches your computer.

Place the wireless router as close as possible to computer in high up such that no objects being in the path of signal and also place your router away from other electrical items, which could interfere with the signal.

Stop overloading your bandwidth
Bandwidth may be overloaded unnecessarily as there are many applications that will start automatically when you start your computer and programs which is running unwontedly in the background consumes valuable bandwidth. Messenger services, Skype and Media players like applications could all running concurrently and draining bandwidth.

You can change the settings so that they do not automatically start when you switch your computer if you are not regularly using it. Task manager (CTRL+ALT+DEL) will help you to know to check what all the applications are running currently.

Stop sharing bandwidth with others
If you stop sharing wireless broadband connection with multiple computers you will gain better speeds

wireless connection is not just important for speed only but also to secure it (a pass phrase is needed to access it), as this will not only stop unscrupulous neighbours stealing you internet connection, but also stops to allow others to access personal information such as financial details which is a security risk.

Complaint to your broadband provider
Its better communicating with internet provider if its not yet faster than before, they will rectify the problem or else they will provide you with upgraded version if your connection perhaps an older one.

How to faster mobile broadband
The speed of your mobile broadband connection can be boosted up by few tricks with low cost: purchase an antenna extension to clip on to your mobile broadband dongle which will boost the signal it receives, alternatively a USB lead will allow you to place your mobile broadband dongle nearer a window rather than just plugged directly into the USB port on your laptop (as signals are generally stronger outside). It’s worth checking mobile broadband coverage in your area before signing up to a provider or you should be able to check coverage on the websites of existing providers.

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